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This is For You - The Ultimate Metal Guitar Retreat For Adult Players!

November 3-5, 2017

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 $459 per person. | Package includes lodging, food and all workshops.

"Wow, what a great weekend. I met some really great people and learned so much! I'm in for next year and every year after that!"

... Sam C., PA

"Forging the foundations of great finger work and friendships around the fires under the majestic mountain skies of NY ... this retreat in not to be missed!"

... Greg D., NJ




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SET TO ROCK AUGUST 14-18, 2017!


Metal Mike will host his Metal Heroes Summer Camp this August 14-18, 2017 at Slide Mountain Forest House in Big Indian, NY. Designed to teach, motivate and inspire the next generation of rockers, Metal Heroes Summer Camp is the ultimate metal music learning experience.

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$1399 per person. | $595 parent spectator package.

All packages include meals, lodging, house keeping, use of all equipment and access to all workshops including the final concert performance.

All campers ages 12-13 must attend with a parent.

And, all we can say is WOW! What an amazing camp we had in 2016!

Check out our adventures from last year Here and Here 






Check Out Who Visited Metal Heroes Summer Camp Last Year.

Who Will It Be This Year? You'll Find Out Soon ...

C.J. - The Metal Motivator (Metal Motivation)

 Mike LePond (Symphony X/Silent Assassins)

Hillary Blaze (Judas Priestess)

+ Travis Beck of SavageWood Guitars







Developed for young metal-heads in the age group of 12-20, Metal Heroes Summer Camp is designed to teach, motivate and inspire young metal-heads through intense, but fun instruction in heavy metal.

The crescendo of this very special vacation experience will take place on the last day when the students will have a chance to perform with Mike in front of their family and friends during a live concert staged at the camp’s playground.

I'm very excited to kick off and welcome you to our fourth annual Metal Heroes Summer Camp. Doing an event like this is something that has been on my mind for a very, very long time. I’m psyched to return in 2017 for our fourth annual metal celebration. All rock band instruments are welcome focusing on Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals. I hope you will join me on this 100% full-on metal journey.

I have always wanted to share my tour and music experiences with younger metal-heads. I’m really looking forward to open up the metal vault with you on so many levels in order to help you sharpen your skills to metal ninja perfection. While helping you with individual tasks and any challenges you might face, I’ll share with you how to make amazing progress when rehearsing with a band, how to quickly apply new material and how to deliver a powerful live performance. I can guarantee this will be incredibly fun and you will learn a lot, too.

You also will get great introductory tips on the music business, how to work well with others, all the while you fully immerse yourself in the music of the metal gods. We’ll be jamming together, hanging out together, studying what makes a song or a performance great - while everyone will get a chance to ask their questions and get plenty of one-on-one playing advice.

And, of course, get ready to hear countless tour stories which more than likely involve your favorite rockers. 

We’ll close out the camp with a superb metal concert in front of your family and friends. We have several other activities planned which include a metal discovery lounge, metal movie nights, specialized guitar workshops, swimming and much more. Campers will also have a chance to check out various items from my journeys that include custom guitars, dressing room signs, posters, tour itineraries and more.

While all the metal-heads are enjoying a great time hanging out and jamming with their friends old and new, guitarists will be studying guitar lick packs especially designed for the camp, while drummers and bass players will learn the secrets of a tight metal rhythm section through metal clinics. I will be there overseeing the entire day to lead rehearsals and go over song parts. 

I really want the kids to experience the power of rock and metal music and have a lot of fun while doing so, because ultimately, no one picks up an instrument not to have fun with it. So, if spending nearly a week at a beautiful resort like location while immersing yourself in all things metal sounds good to you – then let’s rock! This is for you. Metal For Life!”










Thanks to all who made the album debut #13 on Billboard's Hard Rock Music Albums and #116 on Top Current Albums charts.

Accomplished comedian Jim Breuer understands that comedy and heavy music have long made for great bedfellows. On his first musical full-length, "Songs From The Garage", Breuer delivers both in his inimitable style with longtime backing band THE LOUD & ROWDY. Released on May 27 via Metal Blade, the CD was produced by VOLBEAT/ex-ANTHRAX guitarist Rob Caggiano and features Brian Johnson (AC/DC) on two tracks. 

Breuer says: "Going into the record, the music had to be killer and have great hooks — that was most important — and I wanted to balance that with something that's funny. I wanted to bring the smile back to hard rock that has a nice punch to it." From crunchy opening romp "Thrash" through the swaggering "Who's Better Than Us?!" to the gloriously deranged excitement suffusing "Sugar Rush", his exuberance is infectious, and he challenges you to keep your ass from shaking and the corners of your mouth twitching while it thunders from the speakers.

Backing Breuer up is THE LOUD & ROWDY with Mike Tichy on drums, Joe Vigliotti on bass, and Metal Mike on guitar. Initially known as the JIM BREUER BAND, without even having a record under their belt, it did not take long to turn a lot of heads. After finding themselves on massive festival stages, the band headed into three different studios to record — Metrosonic Studios Brooklyn, Clear Track Studios and Sonic Debris Recording Studio. With Caggiano on production and guitar duties, the album was filled with eleven musically badass tracks featuring lyrics that are not only funny but also relatable, reflecting Breuer's position in life: "A dad with three kids who loves family life yet is still a metalhead at heart."

The inspiration for all of this comes from Breuer's adolescent immersion in the world of heavy music, falling in love with JUDAS PRIEST and AC/DC, alongside the likes of SCORPIONS, OZZY OSBOURNE, METALLICA and VAN HALEN. The fire to start a band was soon lit under him, though he wouldn't begin his musical career until he was older. Having finally made the album that has been burning to get out of him since his teens, Breuer couldn't be happier with the result. Though he has fulfilled one rock and roll dream with its completion, it certainly does not mean he's about to kick back and leave it at that.

"I plan on making great, funny videos for every song and have videos up during the concerts," he says. "I want pure entertainment when you come see this live, and now my rock and roll dream is to play this not only here in America, but anywhere else in the world that will accept it! I'm taking it one day at a time, living the dream."


 Catch Jim Breuer & The Loud & Rowdy at many Summer 2016 Festivals.







     I am honored to join Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde, Michael Schenker and other guitar gods on the amazing Axes & Anchors Guitar Dominated Cruise! 

I will conduct three one hour long, amazing metal guitar workshops on the ship as well as participate in the Randy Rhoads Remembered Show.

Find out more HERE

Sailing from Miami, February 20-24, 2016 | 5 days, 4 nights | countless performances, workshops and rock craziness!





Metal Mike, Dewey Bragg, Rudy Sarzo and Brian Tichy playing "Paranoid" Axes & Anchors 2016 Cruise




Metal Mike will be joining some friends in May for the celebration of the great Randy Rhoads.

Friday, May 29th - Bergen Pac, Englewood, NJ (7PM)

Sunday, May 31st - Stone Pony, NJ (3PM)





Metal Mike with Jackson Guitars stablemate Phil Demmel of Machine Head at the RRR East Coast Tour 2014






Sony Music Entertainment and Legacy Recordings, Sony's catalog division, have signed a worldwide-rights deal with The Metal God, Rob Halford.

Frontman of the legendary heavy metal band JUDAS PRIEST, Rob Halford brought his iconic charisma and influential vocal style to a variety of side projects since 1992, notably his bands FIGHT, TWO and HALFORD.

The new Sony/Legacy agreement with Rob Halford will include individual album catalog titles and audio-visual releases.

Upcoming Rob Halford anthology titles will include an "Essential" and "Playlist" collection with plans for a definitive "Complete Albums Box"

Born Robert John Arthur Halford on August 25, 1951, Rob Halford rocketed to fame as the lead singer for the Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band JUDAS PRIEST. One of the genre's most powerful, distinctive and influential vocalists, Halford set the standard for generations of metal singers.

After leaving JUDAS PRIEST in 1992, Halford formed the band FIGHT and, between 1993 and 1995, recorded two albums, "War Of Words" and "A Small Deadly Space", and an EP, "Mutations", with the band.

Following FIGHT, Halford moved into the realm of industrial metal with his TWO project. In 2000, he launched the straight-ahead no-nonsense pure metal ensemble HALFORD.

The Sony/Legacy release agreement includes virtually all of Rob Halford's work with FIGHT, TWO and HALFORD from 1992 onward.

Coming on March 31, Columbia/Legacy Recordings will release "The Essential Rob Halford" (2 CD; 30 tracks).





 Metal Mike joins Michael Angelo Batio and Joe Stump for performances Mexico won't soon forget.






Available in iTunes, Amazon, Retail Locations and CD Baby.



Soaring Piece Of Proper Heavy Metal Art

... Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir)




THE METALWORKER Receives Amazing Response
Whiplash Inducing Delivery.
... Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

Mike is one of the top metal guitarists on the scene today and proves it again on The Metalworker. I can't say enough positive things about this 9 track masterpiece. ... Maximum Threshold

Awesome! If you are a fan of Metal, you must own this. ... Mike S. (US Customer)





Strap on your ax for an extreme-metal boot camp, as Metal Mike helps you hone your chops to perfection. You'll learn how to traverse the fretboard with ever-essential minor pentatonic scale, incorporate minor scales into riffs and rhythm parts, build power-chord variations for maximum sonic effect and much more. Plus, you'll get a first-hand tutorial in playing black and death metal and creating licks in the styles of: Metallica Testament Pantera and more!

Also, learn 10 essential metal licks every guitarist should know! With over two hours of lessons, this DVD is perfect for any skill-level in the heavy metal genre.






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